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What Makes a Team Strong?

Teamery’s vision is to partner with our clients to build better teams - strong teams who have what it takes to efficiently complete and deliver on their expectations and tasks. So, what makes a strong team?

At Teamery, we know there are a few elements that are essential to this:

A strong team is clear about the reason for their existence, they know what they want to achieve and are clear on the values that they will lean into to keep them strong as they face whatever challenges present themselves along the way. Strong teams are committed to delivering and, more importantly, they are committed to the health and culture of the team itself. This goes a long way to ensuring that each team member feels integral to the success of the team.

Strong teams have a clearly articulated system for resolving conflict. They welcome constructive dialogue where they feel secure to share ideas, openly disagree, and drive for innovation until consensus is reached.

Team strength is deepened when there is both collective and individual accountability for delivery specific to the role or function in the team and each member’s input is measurable and observable.

At Teamery we offer the best-in-class assessments and diagnostics to ensure the right balance of diversity and inclusion. It is vital to have the optimal mix of personalities, perspectives, and experiences to bring richness to the team’s output.

Trust is the glue that holds a strong team together. When a team feels a sense of belonging and that they “have each other’s back” they are more likely to take risks, ask the hard questions, do their best thinking, ask for help when needed, listen until everyone understands, and continually focus on their self-development and the development of the team.

Building a strong team requires consistent, intentional focus, regular pulse checks, and a commitment to being better and stronger than before.

Give Teamery a call to find out if you have a strong team.

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