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Wellness: A Necessity, Not a Luxury – The Comprehensive Approach

The word wellness is often thrown around in discussions about health and lifestyle. But what exactly is it? For us, wellness centres around five elements – Career, Social, Financial, Physical, and Community. Neglecting or struggling in any of these areas can undermine overall well-being and profoundly affect daily life. We often feel invincible when we're young and on the cusp of our careers. But early life patterns have long-term implications. All too frequently, our focus on career leaves exercise, sleep, and nutrition sidelined. We're aware of the benefits of physical activity and the drawbacks of unhealthy diets, yet we give in to short-term desires over long-term health benefits.

This approach establishes patterns of self-excuse that become harder to break over time. This instant gratification was once crucial for our survival as a species, but human evolution has made delaying short-term rewards an essential aspect of our development. The challenge lies in consciously choosing our health over immediate satisfaction.

How can we prioritise ourselves in a world filled with constant demands from work, family, and clients? Those who successfully navigate this challenge dedicate daily time for their wellness and guard it zealously. They leverage the uplifting feelings that come from healthy practices, particularly physical activities and social connections. Engaging deeply with problems, they find space for resourcefulness, away from the intrusive noise of technology.

Shifting from the unsustainable 'always-on' 100% to a more balanced 85% embodies an understanding that life is a marathon, not a sprint. Our well-being hinges on nurturing all five elements of wellness. Remember, treating your wellness as essential isn't merely a nice-to-have; it's an investment in your present and future self. Prioritising and nourishing all five elements of wellness provides the groundwork for a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. It's about making conscious choices today for a better tomorrow. Embrace wellness as a necessity – you owe it to yourself.

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