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The role of team coaching in uncertain times

By Elaine Seale-McKend

One of our regular clients recently asked us if we could come in and work with a team that was struggling to come to terms with constant change and uncertainty at work and the wider world. It was impacting their ability to respond to customer's needs in a focused and effective way and this was damaging relationships and the profitability of the business.

We know that work is just one part of our lives but as the lines between work and home are eroded so too are the emotions connected with both. In teams we see when the conditions are right people can accomplish more together than they can alone, but team members need to feel as though they are part of something bigger than themselves and that they have a common purpose to achieve. When teams are happy, productivity goes up but when they are in turmoil, they shift from a ‘we’ to ‘me’ mindset and this impacts their ability to perform.

Teamery coaches work to understand the dynamics in the team, and are experienced at picking up undercurrents and exploring ways with the team to personalise their work purpose and to tap into their collective enthusiasm. By working with the team they equip them with some tools that support their own ability to do this work once team coaching has ended.

Leaders and teams cultivate shared empathy when they learn and care about each other’s deeper experiences and take interest in their lives not just who they are at work but who they are at home, their families and their hobbies. Creating room for personal connections, encouraging humour, and celebrating small wins, all result in building a sense of belonging where it's okay to discuss some of the anxieties that are being felt and allow team mates to offer support and sometimes, where appropriate, solutions. Just knowing that it’s OK to talk about things that are creating uncertainty unlocks tension.

When teams are experiencing uncertainty both inside the organisation and outside in the wider economic environment, knowing team mates genuinely care about them, support and have one another’s backs can provide the pillars of stability to keep focused on team goals while dealing with changing circumstances.

Team coaching is often used in situations of rapid change where there is a need to revisit some of the key principles of successful teams. Teamery coaches worked with the team to stablise, encourage the rebuilding of connections, work on redefining common goals and a united purpose that everyone could contribute and provide value to and most important to feel valued.

We saw the team re-energise and focus on providing effective and innovative solutions to their clients despite changing situations.

The Teamery coaches would welcome the opportunity to partner with you and your team as you navigate this uncertain future. You can contact us here.

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