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The Essence of Coachability: A Personal and Professional Journey

September at Teamery marks a month dedicated to the theme of "Coachability." But what does it truly mean to be coachable, both for teams and for coaches themselves? Kirstie McFarlane delves deep into this subject, drawing from her rich experiences in group, grief work, and executive coaching.

A Foundation in Group and Grief Work: Before transitioning into the realm of executive coaching in 2004, my professional journey revolved around group and grief work. These experiences laid the groundwork, teaching me the importance of empathy, connection, and the deep bonds that form through shared vulnerabilities.

Self-Coachability – The First Lesson: One pivotal realization was that to be an effective coach, I first had to master being coachable myself. This wasn’t just about acquiring skills but embracing a mindset. It required humility, constant self-awareness, and an insatiable thirst for self-growth.

Core Competencies for Coaches: Being a successful coach extends beyond techniques. The core competencies encompass being ethical, open, curious, flexible, and client-centered. Furthermore, it's imperative for coaches to continuously refine their skills and approach. They should actively seek out challenges and support to ensure they're offering the best to their clients.

Teamery's Commitment to Coachability: At Teamery, our philosophy aligns with these values. Our mission isn’t just about coaching teams; it’s about partnering with them. This partnership revolves around a mutual commitment to curiosity, flexibility, and continuous learning. Every interaction is an opportunity for growth, reflection, and development.

The journey of coachability is both deeply personal and extensively professional. It's a commitment that requires constant reflection, adaptability, and a genuine passion for growth. We at Teamery are committed to this journey and invite you to join us in exploring it further.

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