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Taking Inspiration from Her Majesty, The Queen as we Break The Bias during IWM

In this month dedicated to celebrating women, we at Teamery decided to showcase a few remarkable women.

I decided to share some thoughts about Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. Whatever your ideas might be about the royal family and constitutional monarchies in general, it is hard not to admire someone who took on the responsibility to serve her country in 1952 and is still working in this role at a time when most people would have retired long ago.

Having been thrust into a job that she never actually chose at 25 years old, she suddenly had the eyes of the world on her, and has had ever since. Every step she takes, every outfit she wears, every speech she makes is recorded for all eternity. Can you imagine living your life with that sort of scrutiny?

Being a working Mother, she also had to deal with the pressures of needing to appear maternal, yet regal. She has needed to manage countless difficult situations in her family whilst appearing serene and unflinching in her duties to the public.

Over the years she has taken on the role of the mother of the nation. She is expected to comfort and lead when others are feeling uncertain about the future – as in her recent address about COVID. She is expected to display steadiness and calmness no matter what, and little thought is given to what she might be going through personally at the time.

I am struck by her work ethic and her ability to just keep going. In this, the 70th year of her reign, it is worth pausing for a moment to think. . Imagine working at that pace, on matters of such importance for 70 years? She has now worked for almost 30 years past the point at which most people retire.

I have great admiration for the Queen being so purpose-driven, focused on what she needs to do on a daily basis for her country. Every day she gets up and does what needs to be done, no matter what storms she is weathering or losses she is processing. This was brought home to me recently when she tested COVD positive at nearly 96. It was announced that she would simply lighten her duties a little for a week. Now that is grit!

Hats off to you Ma’am!

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