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Optimising Team Performance

By Kirstie McFarlane

Irrespective of whether the team you lead is an intact or project team, hybrid or in the same room – as a leader you need your team to be optimally effective and relevant to the rest of the organisation.

Teamery is currently partnering with an international organisation to coach a talent-rich team wanting to boost their performance.

We began the team coaching process by interviewing the team leader, team members and key stakeholders to gain insight into their specific context and then applied a comprehensive 360 diagnostic tool. Key insights and development areas emerged - the team hadn’t looked at their strengths from a team-specific lens and although individually clear on their outcomes, they hadn’t intentionally focused on creating the right team dynamic to ensure optimal performance. It also became clear that they weren’t sharing ideas and felt a disconnect from their role within the wider organisation.

We are partnering with the team to focus on specific performance-enhancing aspects, namely: clarifying team purpose and vision, increasing communication, collaboration, and relatedness, and beginning the process of building psychological safety and creating alignment with the organisation.

We are also spending time with the team to design the best ways of working together, defining team-specific behaviours and defining their culture.

Teamery would love to partner with your team to discover their real potential.

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