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Navigating conflict in hybrid teams

By Kerrin Miller

Almost every team that we encounter at the moment positions – in one way or another – the importance of ‘building psychological safety’ and ‘having courageous conversations’.

Coming out of two years of WFH and now navigating a Return to Office and hybrid work; teams and their leaders are collectively noticing their fault lines and the urgency of actively building a better way of working together.

They describe the impact of team members not speaking up, not offering divergent views, not saying what they really mean and want; avoiding the real conversations that might move the team forward. Or being held hostage by behaviour and friction between members; in not knowing how to resolve these.

At Teamery we understand the importance of teams learning how to navigate conflict, exploring what is happening ‘below the surface’ in the team and how to use the conflict to build better ways of working together.

We see conflict as an inevitable part of any team; and engage with our clients to build better ways of looking at and into conflict; to reap the clarity, alignment and creativity that conflict might bring to a team.

What might be possible in your team if you saw conflict as a useful resource, rather than to be avoided?

We’d love to explore this with you!

At Teamery we focus on how teams can optimise a hybrid way of work and how to reset and renew their cultures. We’d love to have a conversation about your team. Reach us on or right here.

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