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Hybrid meetings and culture

By Kirstie McFarlane

In this hybrid, RTO, WFH world of work, how can you use meetings to embed and grow the culture needed for your team and organisation to thrive?

If the adage “eyes are the window to the soul” is true, then meetings are the window to the culture of your team. You may have fancy posters on the walls proclaiming any number of the values which ostensibly define your culture (trust, respect, inclusivity, etc) but unless these are clearly observable in your meetings they are nothing more than expensive wall decorations.

The way in which team members meet to work together, make decisions, share ideas and get stuff over the line is a snapshot of their organisational culture – the reality of “how things work around here”.

At the Teamery Company, our culture is driven by our desire to Build Better Teams. To achieve this, we ensure that our culture combines deep connection and a determined drive for results. We have regular check-ins at the beginning of our meetings and ensure that we have a clear agenda and areas of accountability.

Contact any of the Teamery founders to find out how we can partner with you to create meetings that matter.

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