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Coaching Teams to Experiment and Fail

By Kerrin Miller

As organisations and their teams strive to innovate and excel in competitive, global market places, many are needing to build a new ‘muscle’. Experimenting and taking risks with new ideas, products and processes; disrupting old ways of doing things, inevitably means that many of these ideas won’t succeed. Many teams working in innovative and disruptive fields are figuring out how to navigate and learn from failure.

Teamery has recently partnered with three leadership teams - a start-up, a scale-up and a large, multinational organisation - focusing on how to embrace experimentation and shift how they see ‘failure’.

Our approach with each team was to start by understanding their unique context and climate; and gather data on their current way of working together. We identified the team’s collective strengths and built from these.

Our work over a number of months focused on how they can embrace experimentation, how they can give themselves ‘permission’ to try things out, tap into curiosity and build reflective practises into their team conversations. Teamery has supported each of these teams to build psychological safety and confront deep-seated beliefs around risk and failure. We have worked with them to reframe situations using curiosity, realistic optimism and a growth mindset. The teams have built practical tools unique to their own environments to share and communicate ‘failure and learning’ and developed their ability to ‘bounce forward’ from setbacks and challenges with new perspectives.

We’d love to partner with you and your team to navigate from failure to possibility. Get in touch at

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