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Boosting Team Productivity and Preventing Burnout: The 85% Rule

In today's high-paced work environments, teams are often pushed to their maximum capacities. However, a recent Harvard Business Review article suggests that operating at 85% capacity can yield better results and prevent burnout among team members. Teamery is a strong proponent of this strategy and here's why.

Operating at 85% capacity creates an energised, creative team that balances professional commitments and personal life. It leaves room for unexpected challenges, thereby reducing the risk of burnout. But what exactly is burnout, and why is it crucial to avoid it?

Burnout is an extended state of physical and emotional exhaustion ensuing from prolonged stress. It manifests through various symptoms like excessive fatigue, lingering illnesses, cognitive disturbances like forgetfulness and difficulties concentrating, and psychological signs such as depression, anxiety, lack of motivation, and diminished fulfilment from activities that once brought joy.

It's crucial to recognise that burnout recovery isn't an overnight process, nor can it be rectified merely by taking a holiday. It often requires substantial changes in lifestyle and job roles. If burnout strikes a team member, the likelihood is that you may lose them and their expertise from your team, thereby causing an organisational setback.

At Teamery, we help teams create processes that promote growth, innovation, and productivity while protecting them from burnout. By implementing strategies like the 85% rule, we can preserve the well-being of individual team members and the collective strength and productivity of the team. After all, preventing burnout is not merely an individual concern but an organisational responsibility, vital for a healthy and productive work environment.


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