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Under The Bridge

We Are Teamery


Teamery coaches and consults teams, building their potential and effectiveness to meet
the opportunities and challenges they face’. We have partnered to offer a team coaching
solution that delivers real change and improvements for leaders and their teams as they shift
into this hybrid state of work.


  • When a new team is forming and wishes to quickly move into performing

  • When the team is needing to build increased collaboration and innovation

  • When the team is experiencing interpersonal conflict or not achieving its required outputs

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Our Offering


Team coaching involves coaches working with an identified team with the aim of aligning purpose, stretching beyond their current performance, and taking positive, powerful actions. This is a very useful intervention not only when teams are struggling or not functioning optimally but is also valuable to set teams up well as they are being formed, or in times of transition.

Effective coaching addresses not only the individual, but the teams, of which they are a part. Sustainable individual change can only be achieved, when the teams around the individual also change to support and reinforce new behaviours, priorities and thinking patterns.

During the team coaching process, the whole team learns and reflects together, and this helps them to focus their collective energy.

Why Team Coaching?


The benefits of team coaching include delivering better business results, and a more effective, collaborative, resilient, and sustainable team. Team coaching is a powerful and cost-effective intervention, as it maximises collaborative effort by focusing on team strengths and deepening understanding.

Real examples can be worked through together with the team, enabling them to put into practice the lessons learnt and embedding new skills.


In our experience, a team could benefit from team coaching at any point of:



  • When a team is needing to build new ways of working together to prepare them for the  challenges of a fast-paced volatile complex and global context.

  • When a team is in transition, shifting towards a new culture or engaging with a new strategy

  • When the team is needing to build increased collaboration and innovation

  • When the team has a new mandate or task

When is a Team Ready for Teamery?


At Teamery we understand the importance of readiness in the success of team coaching.  We know that a team is ready, and will benefit most from team coaching:

  • When both the team and the coach accept that a team coaching approach is appropriate and beneficial.

  • When the team has clarity on where they want to move towards/achieve.

  • When the team is ready to stretch/challenge themselves to streamline how they work together.

  • When the team is willing to focus on its performance and is willing to make more effective use of its collective skills, knowledge and interests.

  • When the team is committed to experiment with changes in their behaviour and thinking.

  • When the team members are aware of their interdependence and joint responsibilities.

  • When the team is resilient enough to change. (Although increasing their resilience could well be one of the outcomes that a team desires.)

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