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About Us

We Are Teamery


Teamery coaches and consults teams, building their potential and effectiveness to meet
the opportunities and challenges they face. We have partnered to offer a team coaching
solution that delivers real change and improvements for leaders and their teams as they shift
into this hybrid state of work.
Teamery is a women-owned business with a strong track record for delivering change and results in varied, complex, fast-paced and disrupted situations with culturally diverse individuals and teams.  We target teams who want to move beyond their current level of performance and wellness, to build their natural resourcefulness, agility, hope, energy, courage, creativity and perseverance.  

Our Team

As four practising executive and business coaches from a wide range of backgrounds, we recognise the power of collaboration in finding creative solutions for our clients.  

We seek to work with purpose-driven organisations who understand that the way they can build value for businesses is to enable their teams to collectively find their own identity and strive to reach high performance.  

Our team is made up by the founders of Teamery; passionate about making a lasting difference.  Individually we have our own areas of expertise which add further depth to our offering.  We hold equal stature and have commited to support ans stretch one another in our work; personally and professionally.  


Karen Gubb

Co-Founder and Team Coach

Karen is a clinical psychologist and a PCC credentialled coach. 

She started her career as a management consultant, but her interest in the human condition called her to train as a clinical psychologist and coach. Having worked across the UK, Europe and Africa for 2 decades, she has learned how powerfully interpersonal dynamics affect performance. She has worked with teams and groups in many settings and is a true believer of how these interventions can create healing, change and growth, and prepare those involved for whatever comes next. She knows that this comes from going to hard places together and facing what is playing out in the team. She does not shy from this, but instead helps to work with it with vulnerability, honesty and empathy. 

She is intrigued by human dynamics and how these can be harnessed to create change. Her insight into these helps her to facilitate change in individuals and in teams.


She is the mother of one (almost) tween daughter; has a love of history and human drama stories; cooking and eating with her family; chats with her girlfriends; and walks in the countryside


Kirstie McFarlane

Co-Founder and Team Coach

Kirstie is a PCC credentialed coach with the International Coach Federation and has worked with teams and individuals across Africa for the past 20 years. She began her career in Journalism which appealed to her natural curiosity to seek truth and meaning from her observation of people in different contexts. She volunteered as a Caregiver with Hospice and this eventually resulted in her stepping away from her corporate role and shifting into working with teams across both rural and corporate Africa, focusing on gender parity, racism, poverty and women. This experience opened her eyes to the possibility of change and led her to embark on her coaching journey in 2005. 


Kirstie has coached teams in both blue-chip corporates and within deeply rural communities and has witnessed first-hand the potential and pitfalls that working with and within teams can evoke. Kirstie’s involvement with the Gordon Institute of Business Science incorporates mentoring groups and individuals as well as guiding trainee coaches towards international accreditation. She brings a combination of practical compassion and honesty to her work – provoking intentional change and true partnership within teams. 


Kirstie is a step-mother and mother to three adult children and has a deep love of reading, music, theatre, movies, galleries, walking and finding beauty in both people and places.

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Kerrin Miller

Co-Founder and Team Coach

Kerrin is an Organisational Psychologist and PCC credentialled coach. Having worked with teams  across the UK, Europe and Africa for over 25 years, she knows the possibilities and pitfalls of teaming. She believes in the potential of teams to collaborate and innovate; and solve the wicked problems facing organisations, communities and countries in this ‘brave new world’.  She also knows that this takes intentional action and focus.


She has a strong focus on using data to add insight, on making the best new thinking useful, on bringing order to chaos and brings deep empathy to the teams with which she partners. She is energised by pioneering and disruptive new ideas; although her sense of purpose helps her to also dive into the detail and get things across the line.  She is passionate about building inclusion and agility; and igniting the possibilities for women at work.


She is the mother of two t/ween daughters; has a love of words and stories; long lunches with her family and friends; and walks on beautiful beaches.


Elaine Seale McKend

Co-Founder and Team Coach

Elaine is CIPD, PCC accredited business coach and personal trainer who is passionate about wellbeing. She's worked across all three sectors, private, public and academic in leadership roles in fast changing commercial environments.  As part of a start-up greenfield manufacturing site she was responsible for recruiting and building brand new teams from diverse backgrounds at a time when self-managing teams were a new initiative.  At Warwick Business School she was instrumental in building the ‘practice of leadership’ which sits within the MBA programme.  Her work has a global perspective from working with international businesses advising on people strategy, MBA students and now often working virtually with individuals and teams across Europe & Africa.  


As a keen and competitive cyclist Elaine has experienced the impact and benefit building high performance and takes a holistic view of clients, including the importance of individual and team wellness.  She’s a mother of four, three young working adults and a teenager.  At heart she is a people specialist with a love of business and the ever-changing landscape and challenge that presents. She loves quick lunches and long cycles with friends.

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